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History and development:

Only a short time after the automobile industry was born, from the '20s of last century, automatically car parking system appears to meet the demand for car parking, particularly in the city central areas, super market and megacities;

Previously the automatic car parking system present in the countries of North America, Western Europe, but today they have become an indispensable part of public transport in developing countries;

In terms of technology, today the whole process of arranging parking, storage management time ... completely done by cybernetic technology. Automated parking stations are installed not only as works on the ground but also be constructed underground and under rivers ...

For a class of citizens in big cities of Vietnam's current financial capacity is no longer a major problem that sometimes the problem of new parking spaces are obstacles prevent them from owning a car.

Automatic parking system is a solution

Safe - Save
- And more ....


Automatic parking system also known as smart parking system, it is an automatic control technology, mainly used pallets and lifts, It is allowing more cars parking on the same area.

Automatic parking system is a safe solution - Savings - and more ...


  • Safety of people because it needs not people involving in the process of parking and in storage yards;
  • Control the vehicle’s position by automatic position encoding system;
  • No loss, no shock and the no traffic accidents in underground parking;
  • The system is equipped with means to prevent of fire and explosion, with emergency stop, against earthquakes, warning gas emissions status and prevent over-loading;
  • Avoid impacts of exhaust air while we drive the car in and out from basement parking;


  • Increase many times parking place on the same parking area;
  • The optimal alternative solution to reduce construction costs;
  • Reasonable expenses through the localization process and technology transfer;
  • Short time to send / get the car;
  • Minimize the need and cost of ventilation and air conditioning system;

And much more...

Putting the car into the parking station

Driver turns off the car, leaving the car at the position of rotating wheel → enter car’s number → system will automatically search and put the car into the vacant position;

Get the car out

Enter the car number to retrieve → systems will self-awareness the position the requiring car, and returned the car at the rotate wheel position → the driver drive away from parking station