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Bil Parking

was established basing on objective and subjective factors


In the developed and or developing country, the key visible element and directly impact to human life is traffic then the static traffic, particularly car parking, is always the first discussion.


We are the engineers, technicians in Mechanical automation and experts of business, we have passion on technology, aspiring to change our own lives and surroundings. Through our trip’s collection and actual working experience in Vietnam and abroad, we found that our Vietnamese’s energy and creativity in many technological field are competitive in the region and the world.  Actually we have done and complete the projects that are requiring the application of complex technologies and we have brought pride to Vietnamese; Lacking of parking station in urban are daily making traffic becomes bigger problem.

We want to bring our knowledge and experience in the field of automatic car parking station to contribute our best in improving the static traffic condition in urban of Vietnam. 

Automatic car parking station has a lot of advantage points such as:

  • Flexible installing and dismantling
  • Easy to adapt to every location and land’s size
  • We can park the car in high and underground

Therefore, the automatic car parking station will become the best option for car parking’s solutions especially in urban area where the land for car parking is in deep lacking at the moment.

We are Vietnamese, we understand what are Vietnamese’s habit in using cars as well as facilities and infrastructure conditions in urban of Vietnam. We aim and hope to bring you the safety and saving car parking system that product named Bil-parking’s solutions.


* Bil-Parking is a brand trade mark who will provides professional auto car parking station under the turnkey method.

We offer our customers the most realistic approach to special technique of automated parking system.

We support our customers to select the best option and the most reasonable needs. Bil-parking products are produced from equipment and material that are made from developed countries where has the best automation industrial such as: Japan, Korea, China, Italy, Austria; and some are made from Vietnam.

* Bil-parking will provide services that are relating to automated parking system include:

  • Advise clients to use appropriate equipment for townhouses, villas, restaurants, shops, offices, public places, apartment building...
  • Design system suitable with require functions, land area and around architectural
  • Assembly and Maintenance: Bil-parking has experts, technicians and professional workers who dedicate to the assembly and maintenance car parking system to ensure the system is always in good condition with trouble shooting available 24/24.

* Bil-parking is carrying out the business on public car parking system basing on our existing strengths in technology, equipment and coordination with the investors in this field.


Bil-parking does business basing on what our strength and solid foundation;

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